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Defining true luxury craftsmanship

The goal I strive for with every piece I make is to give you a finished product that is timeless and will last you a lifetime, a true heirloom. Every product, whether in stock, bespoke, or full custom is designed and crafted by me in Boston completely by hand - most items are completely sewn by hand. By doing it this way I use traditional, centuries-old European techniques creating a finished product that no luxury brand can match today.


What sets true luxury leather products apart from the rest isn't the name on the label.  Its the construction and there is no more important feature than perfect hand stitching.

The Luxury Apple Watch Strap is of exceptional quality. It supersedes dozens of other watch bands that I examined. The leather strap is glossy, exactly as described, and a cut above the rest


Tamagini Leather
The Marina Bag - Dinghy Eggplant
Sale price$1,200.00
Tamagini Leather
The Charlestown Zip Wallet - Matte Anthracite Gray
Sale price$1,950.00
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My second wallet

The 2nd wallet ever made, I instantly fell in love with working with leather and had the crazy idea to make a business out of it. I think the first was bad enough I didn't take a photo of it.

Tamagini Leather

Handmade sustainable luxury leather accessories

Tamagini Leather is a leather accessories brand that specializes in bespoke and custom-made leather goods. Bringing back the art of creating luxury leather accessories—one piece at a time—using sustainable methods and materials.

Our mission is simple: to offer a true luxury alternative to the big fashion labels who are constantly raising prices and cost cutting materials to maximize profit. To offer you a sustainable option to big scale manufacturing, letting you know where your luxury leather goods actually come from. Did you know that in Europe brands can put "Paris" on the label even if it's actually made in China?

I create handbags, wallets, belts, clutches, laptop bags, duffels and carryalls if it is made from leather and you can dream it up, I can make it. I don't stop there: home and office leather goods are also available. These include trays, vessels and notebook covers!

Most items are made to order in a bespoke or custom way though there are a number of items in stock and ready to ship. Bespoke items consist of established designs that you as the client get to customize by picking out the leathers and hardware colors. Custom items require us to work together to create the leather accessories of your dreams.

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