About The Artist

First off welcome to Tamagini Leather, the home of luxury leather goods, hand made in Boston.

I have spent the last 20 years in the world of design in one form or another.  I was trained as an architect, practiced architecture as well as being a digital artist creating architectural renderings and animations.  I have spent time as a photographer shooting portraits, sports and street photography.  I have also dabbled in fashion design creating runway fashion using unconventional materials like tile, wood and resins. 

All of that has led to this, a total change of pace and doing something for myself.  Working with my hands is something that I have missed doing for some time, that tactile feeling of creating a piece of art which will never truly be replicated as every iteration will be slightly different than the last.

My love of leather started early with my baseball glove.  As a kid I got to watch baseball gloves get made for players in the Cape Cod Baseball League at the fields and always was amazed.  Fast forward and I worked with it myself in one of those fashion shows, cutting it, shaping it, even running through laser cutters and I was hooked.  But for a while it just laid dormant in the back of my mind, then I decided it was time for a change and the back of my mind has become my apartment being covered with leathers of all shapes sizes and colors.

So browse around the store, buy something, or even better drop me a message about creating something one of a kind for you, something no one else has. We can work together to make that dream a reality with a bespoke piece of luxury leather.