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The Ryan Bi-Fold Wallet - Blue Python with Metallic Accents

Sale price$550.00
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This is a modern take on the classic Bi-Fold Wallet.  If you are ready to move on from your dad wallet but still carry a few more things than today's modern and popular card wallets can carry then this wallet is for you.  The wallet has a bill pocket to hold your currency as normal.  It then takes the traditional credit card slots and flips them on their sides.  This does two things.  It reduces the width of the wallet and it makes your cards more secure.  By having the openings facing the center of the wallet there is zero chance your cards fall out by accident.

One of my four Steal of the Season wallets!  I go the Python at no cost to me so you benefit.  This wallet has been priced as if it were just French Goat Leather.

This one features a Blue Python with diamond patterning hand painted including some metallic blue accents.

It Features:

  • Blue Python Exterior with Blue goatskin bill pocket lining.
  • Grey goatskin Interior
  • Traditional hand sewn saddle stitched seams
  • 4 center facing card slots
  • 2 hidden pockets behind the card slots
  • High quality twisted linen thread
  • Painted edges


Approx. 3.5" L x 4" W (when closed)