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The Exotic Cuff Bracelet - Domed Bracelet in Matte Airspace Alligator Tail

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Wear a bit of luxury exotic leather on your wrist!  For those that have wanted to buy some of my exotic leather work but it is a bit out your price range, I hope this is for you! 

I have made these cuff bracelets using three different cuff bases.  The bases are then covered in a variety of sustainable exotic leathers and the inside is lined with a hypoallergenic luxury calfskin from France.

This bracelet is made with American Alligator in Matte Airspace.  This color is a bit of a mystery.  In some light it looks blue and in other light it looks purple so its super hard to photograph, regardless this is a head turner of a piece if there ever was one!

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About this cuff:

  • Uses a domed Stainless Steel base for the cuff's shape
  • Sustainable American Alligator Tail leather in Matte Georgia Clay.
  • Lined with hypoallergenic Zermatt Calfskin leather from Tannery Hass in Gold Color


Approx. 2.5" inside dimension.  Cuff is 1" wide


All exotic skins have been sourced from ethical tanneries and distributors and are fully CITIES compliant.

Exotic leathers that are considered endangered species in California can not be sold to or shipped to residents of the State of California.  See FAQ page for additional info.