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All the wallets here are made and ready to ship. A lot of versions only have 1 available so even though they are "in stock" they are still limited editions and I tend not to repeat color combos too often so act fast! Most of the time I will get these shipped within 3 business days.

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Tamagini Leather

In Stock Wallets

Tamagini Leather produces hand-crafted leather wallets that are a blend of modern and timeless styles. Handmade in Boston for the purist who desires luxurious goods, Tamagini's pieces reflect a prestige that is attainable only through the highest quality materials.  In stock selections include genuine python wallets, ostrich wallets, alligator wallets , calf wallets and lizard leather wallets sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. All wallets are designed and made by Jeff Tamagini with an eye for detail lost in todays world of fast fashion.  If you are looking for great sustainable fashion accessories these are the wallets for you.