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Tamagini Leather

SAMPLES - The Copley Airpods and Airpods Pro Case - Yellow Saffiano Goatskin

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Carry your Apple Airpods Pro around in true handmade luxury.  Made inside and out with luxury French goatskin leather from the Alran Tannery.  Completely hand stitched with hand applied edge paint.  Finished off with a modern swivel clip to mount on your bag, belt loop or any other place you find convenient.

These are sample cases.  Upon glue up of the lining it went ever so slightly off the line which shifted the snap position.  That resulted in a lid that when snapped closed does not sit level.  Functionally these cases are perfectly fine but they look just slightly funny with the misaligned snap.  But hey if that doesn't bother you save $20 off the finalized ones.  Only three total, one Airpods Pro and two Airpods 1/2 cases.


  • Luxury French Goatskin from Alran.  Exterior is Yellow Saffiano, Interior is Black Sully.
  • Matching edgepaint and stitching
  • Solid Brass D-Ring and Swivel Clip
  • Hand Stitched
  • Charging port hole so you can charge up the case while still in its home.